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Kitchen Trends

kitchen techniq renovation 3Kitchens are now the new family rooms, incorporating what once was reserved for dining rooms and sitting rooms, making the kitchen into not just an a “eating place” but a “living space”.

Dining rooms tend to be more formal, and in our more open and “relaxed” culture, the kitchen is now not only for food preparation, but quite often the place for socializing as well as for eating. In fact, Homeowners spend more money on kitchen remodeling than on any other home improvement project. And with good reason: A major kitchen renovation can recoup nearly 75% of the initial cost at the home’s resale. And even a relatively small kitchen renovation can add an extra $20k or so to your home resale value.

But even if you’re not intending to sell, a kitchen renovation is a good investment. Modern kitchens are now not only for cooking, but are becoming what dining rooms once were, a place not only to eat, but a place to congregate, interact and socialize.

Kitchens by nature are informal. And the décor needs to match. Even small kitchens can seem more “roomy” with good renovation and some practical decorating tips from your renovator.

Make it Bright! White is the color associated with health and cleanliness. A dingy, dark kitchen is not inviting. White makes even a small kitchen look larger, and reflects ambient light, thus saving energy with even minimal lighting. If you want color, choose lighter and brighter colors that reflect light and “opens the space”. An all white kitchen can be enhanced by careful choosing of curtains and accessories that will add color and contrast.

As an established professional renovator, P-Kitchen TechniQ can design, renovate and furnish your kitchen to be a showplace that enhances your home and adds to it value.