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“Open-Concept” Kitchens

open-plan- kitchen designThe concept of “open floor plans” for single-family houses has been a dominant choice for years, and that includes the kitchen.

“Open floor” is an architectural concept that essentially removes the walls dividing one room of a home from another. The purpose is to bring a sense of openness and community to a home; as opposed to chopping the spaces smaller individual “boxes”. So the openness of the open concept design allows easier interaction for everyone to mingle and spend time together.

It can also mean the kitchen, pantry and the dining “room” are all situated in one single open space, rather than separated into their own little ”boxes”, restaurant style.

The Open Kitchen “solution” is popular with those see meal time as a communal activity. In traditional homes where food preparation and food consumption separated, that sense of “community” means while some are eating, or waiting to eat, someone else is doing the work and preparation in another room. The point of” communal dining” is making meal creation and meal consumption as much a communal activity as watching TV in the living room.

Food preparation and consumption is as “shared” experience rather than waiting until the cook rings the bell. And an open concept kitchen allows parents to do their chores and still keep track of the children. The idea is great for those who love inviting people over. The guests do not feel abandoned; the host can still interact with them while in the kitchen.

However, designing a kitchen with an “open-plan” environment can have challenges, so if you want a renovator that can “tailor” your kitchen renovation to fit your needs, wants and lifestyle P – Kitchen TechniQ is the right choice for you,