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What to Expect

Relax, it’s not as complicated as you thought….


If you’re confused trying to figure out the steps to remodeling your home, take a minute to read this introduction to gain a better understanding of what comes next.

It’s really not difficult.  And by the way,  there are no upfront fees to visit your home or consult with us because we understand you need to feel comfortable and confident we are the right choice for you.

First……  a visit to our showroom is a good idea.  You’ll  meet us and decide if you think we are good listeners and understand your particular vision of your new space.  Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable with a new designer.  After all, you’ll be working closely with your chosen designer for some weeks.  And you’ll want to hear our estimated cost of your project and how long it will take to complete.

Second……  a visit to your home to see the space you want to remodel.   Your current traffic patterns, how you entertain and how you prefer to cook are all important to us.  We also like to suggest appliance and finish choices that will coordinate and pull the design together.

Third……  during our visit to your home we will explain the next design steps,  including our CAD design drawings, and using our skilled craftsmen  we have worked with for many years.   We value the strong working relationships we have with these craftsmen, however, we will gladly coordinate with any one from your team, whether it’s your architect, interior designer, or contractor.

We look forward to meeting you !