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Reasons to Renovator

unique kitchen designDYI (Do-It-Yourself) is all the rage in home renovation these days; and there are certainly good economic reasons for ”doing it yourself”, if you have the time, and the skills to do so.

But renovating a bedroom, den or living room is different that renovating a Kitchen. It’s not just adding new furnishings, new paint and adding windows and closets. A kitchen is not only a living space, but a workspace; and workspaces need to be functional and efficient: you don’t just live in a kitchen, you work in it too.

Visitors and prospective buyers always seem to “want to see the kitchen”, and a kitchen is often the space that “seals the deal” for prospective buyers. But a functional and attractive kitchen is important for the people who live in the house as well.

What makes a “functional” and “attractive” bedroom or living room? Mostly it’s the style of the furnishing and the size of the closets. Kitchens need furnishings, but not just to sit or sleep on. A kitchen is a workspace; a “studio” and an “office” as well as a showplace for the home itself. “I love your kitchen!” is the seal of approval homeowners love to hear.

Why do people “DYI”? Mostly to “save money”, but do they? DYI means buying materials at cost and doing all or most of the work yourself. But as an established, dedicated professional kitchen renovator Kitchen TechniQ can design and create a functional, attractive, unique kitchen that fits your needs and your budget, and be stylish as well.

It’s more than paint and furniture. It’s style; and Kitchen TechniQ creates not just another kitchen, but a kitchen that’s unique!