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What Happens in Vegas . . .

I just got back from an interesting trip to Las Vegas. My wife and my daughters, 12 and 14 yrs old joined me in our quest for something unusual rather than going to the beaches in Florida. Not sure how much my girls got out of the visit to fantasy city in Nevada but I know my wife and I were stunned.

I think Vegas architecture displays what can happen if you combine unlimited amounts of money and imagination.

City Center, from the outside is spectacular with distorted arcs, rectangles and squares all dancing in front of you. However, the inside is a more sedate space, opulent and elegant for the ultra high end shops.

The Bellagio hotel has my vote for the most pleasing lobby space but the Paris and Venetian are close contenders. If you wondered if my girls were as impressed as I was with the architecture, I think you know the answer. “Can we just get some ice cream or go buy something?” was what I heard after pointing out another incredible faux ceiling or floor.

What didn’t stay in Vegas is how it affected me. City Center dominates the strip in Las Vegas because it’s daring and innovative. Playful shapes are intoxicating.

Combining arcs, squares and rectangles can lift a classical well designed kitchen to a new level of interest. It’s a goal any good designer would strive for.