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Small Kitchens Can Be Big Deals

Small Efficient Kitchen DesignsBig specious kitchens are the ideal, but small homes and apartments just don’t have the space, and that means the kitchen suffers from lack of space reserved for living and bedroom areas.

But lack of space does not necessarily mean lack of style and efficiency. All it means is a better use of the space. Larger kitchen spaces offer more freedom, but by the same token, larger spaces often make for a less effective “cooking environment”.

While owners of small kitchens may be envious of homes with big spacious kitchens, small kitchens have many advantages, it the space is created and used efficiently.

Living rooms, bedrooms and dens are “low-intensity, low-function” rooms that offer few if any few services other that space. That means” no running water, few electrical requirements and inexpensive materials: drywall, trim, etc,; kitchens, on the other hand on a foot basis are expensive to remodel with garbage disposal, extra lighting and electrical needs, plumbing, ventilation, and more storage space requirements.

Typically, Kitchen materials are expensive: granite, stainless steel, marble, etc.; but less space means less cost. You’re dealing with a smaller space, so using it can be more manageable as well. The trade off is space and convenience. Most small kitchens are longer than they are wide, so it may seem you’re cooking and eating in a closet.

But just because it’s small doesn’t mean you have to live with what you got. As an experienced kitchen renovator, Kitchen TechniQ can renovate small kitchens as well as large ones.

The challenge is the same. Create a kitchen that is not only functional, but is unique to the lifestyle of the family that uses it.