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The Easy Kitchen

easy kitchenWhy have cabinets? Does a carpenter hide his tools? Does an artist hide his brushes and paint?

The kitchen is your workspace and your studio. You create, and your tools are as much a part of your workspace as any as any artist’s studio, so why waste time and space hiding your tools and materials in cabinet and drawers when they can be in full view and easily accessed.

No visitor to an artist’s studio minds seeing an artist’s tools and materials in full view, so why should anyone who creates meals hide their tools and materials in cabinets and drawers? Cooking is work. Cooking is artistry. Your kitchen is your “studio”. Why hide your tools?

Open Up and Update! Howe much time is wasted opening drawers and cabinets when all your tools and materials can be in full view on open shelves and or on hooks in easy reach?

Any unused space can be used to display plants and decorative “knickknacks” and memorabilia, as you would do in the den or living room. Your kitchen after all, is a living space” as well as a workspace. So why not make it as functional, and “livable” as any other room in the house?

Take some time to count how many hours you spend in the kitchen. Probably you spend far more time in the kitchen than in other room the house. It’s your “office”, but it doesn’t have to look like one.

Kitchen TechniQ will can remake and improve both the efficiency and the style of your kitchen. Why have a 1950’s kitchens in a 21st century home?