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The Modern Kitchen

big kitchensIn the past the trend for kitchen was to make them big, sometimes ridiculously big. It was like buying a limousine for a family of two – it was mostly for show.

Finally, we’ve found that “size doesn’t matter”, but efficiency does. Kitchens, like automobiles, need to fit the needs of the people using it; and fortunately, kitchens today can be designed for both style and efficiency. Today, we’ve come to realize that really attractive and functional kitchens are those that are designed for the people who use it.

The “big is beautiful” trend is now coming down to more practical levels. Even small kitchens can be both functional and efficient, and large kitchens can be designed to be efficient without looking like a cafeteria.

It’s about the design: and how the various components: stove, fridge, cabinets, counters and furniture fit together.

It’s about style: the days when all refrigerators were white, and all furnishings; cabinets and counters and tabletops were plastic.

It’s about space: even small kitchens can be designed to accommodate all the necessary appliances and wanted features and still make a small space look tidy and uncluttered; and make a large space more inviting and efficent.

All kitchens are alike, but every kitchen can be different and unique. Kitchen TechniQ is Rockville’s source for kitchen design, cabinetry and countertops that fit the space, the style, and the personality and life styles of those who use it.