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The ”Wow!” Kitchen

modern kitchenWhen considering renovating their kitchen, a lot of people, especially the DIY (do-it-yourself) types, think mostly about style. They want the ”Wow” response when visitors drop by, a kitchen that would qualify for a featured article in ”House and Garden”. But they often forget about the practical side of a kitchen, a kitchen that fits the lifestyle and needs of the family that uses it the most.

Form and function are not either/or decisions. Form follows function, and they are inseparable in any home, but especially the kitchen. It’s the kitchen that is the real focal point of any home. Bedrooms, dens and even living rooms are more or less ”private” places for families to relax and unwind. The kitchen is the home’s workspace; the place where food is created, stored and consumed; so a kitchen needs to be practical, efficient and functional as well as being ”attractive”.

A practical kitchen fulfills the basic functions of a home. From there you clean, store food and utensils and socialize. No other room in the house, other than the bathrooms/toilets, require as much maintenance. And it also requires storage space, cabinets and drawers, and also cleaning materials, plus space for family and guests. That requires good management of both space and time, as well as function and style. And then, what about lighting?

What about families with aged/disabled members? Can your new kitchen accommodate them? That’s takes a lot of planning. Does someone with a full time job and a family have the time or experience for a DIY project that covers all those issues?

If you want a new kitchen but not ”just another kitchen”, Kitchen TechniQ has the knowledge, experience and ”track record” for creating functional, stylish and unique kitchens to fit the needs and budgets of Maryland homeowners.