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Thinking Out of the (Ice) Box

modern kitchenRemember your parent’s kitchen? All white: refrigerator, countertop, tiles, plates, cutlery and napkins. The perception was that “white” meant “clean and antiseptic”; like a hospital cafeteria.

That may be true, but it was also boring and predictable. Today, home kitchens are designed to fit the style of the home and the lifestyle of the people who live in it. An innovative Kitchen renovator can change that “cafeteria look” to something unique and personal.

Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to update a kitchen. Yellow, red, blue, white, green, are popular paint colors for kitchens, breaking that antiseptic all white cafeteria feel.
Yellow is a welcoming color, while red can add a sense of “intensity”: both colors are said to help stimulate the appetite, while blue, white and green are more “low-key” colors, creating a sense of calm and comfort.

Choosing the right paint can reflect either an active lifestyle or, alternatively, become a place where an active family can “wind down” after a long, hectic day. In short, the kitchen is where things happen; and a kitchen renovation should reflect the lifestyle and “taste” of the people who live there – in both senses of the term.

Bedrooms are for sleeping; living rooms are for watching TV or reading the newspaper, the den is for escape and solitude. It’s at the kitchen table that family issues are discussed and decisions made, and the kitchen needs to reflect and enhance that sense of activity and lifestyle of those who use it.

Kitchen TechniQ has the skill, imagination, and experience to think “out of the (ice) box” and create unique, functional and affordable kitchens, melding the décor with the appliances to make your kitchen a showplace, not just a “cafeteria”.