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Trends in Kitchen Design

stylish kitchenLike just anything else, there are trends in kitchen design as much as in clothes and automobiles. While there may be nothing basically wrong with your kitchen, sometimes the need to be more efficient and stylish just can’t be ignored.

Kitchens furnishings have always had their own “décor”. You certainly wouldn’t want to furnish your living room or den with kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs would you? But why not make you kitchen more like your Den?

Kitchen renovators are starting to think out of the ice box. Does a kitchen really need to look like a kitchen to be both efficient and stylish? Couldn’t it look more like the rest of the home?

Some kitchen designers are now thinking that way. New designs are available to make the essential elements of kitchen furnishings look more like a living room or a den and not just like a cafeteria. It may seem strange to think of a kitchen that way; but it’s really another step in the evolution of the kitchen from being in more than a just a space to prepare and cook food,.

Today the kitchen is often the hub of the home, a special place where the family and friends meet. Modern kitchen designs emphasize the different elements of the kitchen as furniture, not just workstations, making it more personal, warm, and welcoming.

One way is not to think of a kitchen “countertops” but as an “island work table” and open shelf cabinets like bookcases, making it more like a den than a kitchen.

“Out of the ice box” thinking is a trademark for Kitchen TechniQ, who can design and renovate you kitchen into not just an efficient workspace, but a showplace as well.