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What Kind of Kitchen Are You?

stylish kitchenOf all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is what really tells the most about you, and your lifestyle. The other rooms: bedrooms, dens, and even the ‘”living room” may say something about you, but mostly they are private, or more “formal” areas. The kitchen is the home’s workplace and centerpiece: it’s what keeps a family together.

Like people, Kitchens come in different shapes and sizes, and they also have “moods”; they can tell a lot about the people that use it; and there are as many different styles of kitchens as there are types of people: and the kitchen they have can tell a lot about who uses it.

So, what kind of “kitchen” are you?

Take your pick or add to the list: what you select will say what kind of person you are and what kind of kitchen you want. Maybe you are attracted to “sophisticated”, “modern”, “compact” or “traditional” décor? If so, you would want a kitchen that fits those styles.

The point is: the kitchen is not just a workshop. It’s as personal and vital as any other room in the house, and it can be created to match your needs and tastes just as you can do with the bedrooms, den or living room. The kitchen is both the showplace, as well as the workplace for the home; and the décor, the furnishing, the cabinets and appliances will match the style and efficiency of the rest of the home.

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