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What To Do With A Small Kitchen?

small kitchen ideasFace it. In some homes a large, spacious kitchen is just not practical. While spacious kitchens get all the attention, there’s no need to apologize for your small kitchen; small kitchens have advantages and can have style just as well as a large one.

Basically, smaller kitchens mean more living space elsewhere; but a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a cramped and inefficient kitchen; a well-designed small kitchen can have the charm and intimacy that many large, spacious kitchens lack.

Many homes and apartments just don’t have the space for a larger kitchen, but a well-designed renovation is not just about adding space, it’s also about redesigning the space to makes it more functional and useful. Some kitchens are far larger than they need to be, and your kitchen may just be the right size for your home and what you need to do with it. What is really needed is better use of the space.

Renovation is not just knocking down walls. It’s about making a home and the space in it more modern, usable, and efficient. It’s about style and functionality; and a kitchen designed and built in the 1940’, 50’s or 60’s probably have the same storage space, cabinets and utilities as when it was first made. When you can’t make more space, the challenge is to make the available space more efficient.

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